Gateway Digital Cinema Supports the Premiere of 2 Independent Short Films

It is an acknowledged fact that the lack of financial resources and government support tend to put the development of Philippine cinema some step backwards. But this should not stop filmmakers, producers, and film industry institutions, companies, and entertainment-related businesses from helping one another for the improvement of our film industry.


Gateway Cineplex 10, National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), and Colorwheel Media Studios present “Indie HD: Premiere of the Filipino and Korean Independent Short Films ‘Pera-perahang Lata’ and ‘Technophilia’ in HD Format and a Discussion On Digital Technology in Indie Films Today.” Directed by Rianne Hill Soriano, the two films will be projected in HD format at the Cinema 1 of Gateway Cineplex 10 (Dolby Super Digital Cinema) on June 3, 2009, 6:30 p. m.

The two independent films share a common theme and treatment on factories, the normal factory setting reflecting various aspects of life for “Pera-perahang Lata” and the human factory effect of technology on people for “Technophilia.”

PPL+Final+Poster+low+resThe films are privileged to be shown in HD format, not via low resolution DVD projection, courtesy of Gateway Cineplex 10, home of two of the four digital cinemas in the country today. Within the premiere of the said films is a full program entitled “Indie HD” which incorporates a brief discussion on how independent filmmakers can maximize the filmmaking process: Gateway providing information on how digital cinema is starting to shape the future of film theaters; Christie giving basic details about the HD projection on digital cinemas; Optima Digital discussing the post-production workflows available for filmmakers; and the NCCA imparting information about their grant system for independent filmmakers.

The digital technology of today can now provide more technically competent productions with decent finances. The lower cost of production puts a distinct advantage in maximizing resources for a more effective production workflow. The high resolution and mostly file-based filming in HD cameras make it easier and faster for the footages to be utilized for post-production.


For the future of films and even cinema advertisements, the file-based showing of films becomes a real advantage to film theaters and advertisers alike as there are no more scratches and noises due to wear and tear of a 35mm or 16mm print and there are no more possibilities for human error in rewinding and queuing up prints. A feature film normally has around four to six prints changed every 20 minutes (variable) of the film’s running time. Now, having things digital, the programming can even be automated accordingly. And what the future can further bring is the easier transportation/sending of film, trailer, and cinema ad files online, via satellite, through less bulky parcels, and other more convenient means instead of providing hundreds and thousands of film prints for a film that is “now showing” (where every theater in the whole city, the country, or even the world should have a physical copy of the prints). File-based systems in 2K and 4K resolutions and surround sound systems also provide quality visuals and audio in par with what standard 35mm film projections can bring and even easily put the right subtitles for films of worldwide release. All these, in the long-term, entails lower cost for producers; thus, making it more feasible for the Philippines to catch up with the technology in the global arena.


“Indie HD” is a testament to how independent artists and commercial studios can work together for artistic and cultural projects. The thrust of the event is to inspire aspiring filmmakers, struggling filmmakers, and renowned filmmakers, that no matter how tough it is to come up with non-commercial and/or art films due to budget constraints, there are people and institutions, including the prime movers of the film and similar entertainment industries, who are willing to help and support such artistic endeavors. It is wonderful to note how the collaboration among passionate artists, dedicated talents, and supportive sponsors have transpired to this kind of event – telling stories and inspiring people that Filipinos, amateur or professional, can work together to come up with quality projects that help enrich the Philippines’ arts and culture. This may be a non-profitable project, but various people and companies still work together to make it possible.

Technophilia+Poster+low+res“Pera-perahang Lata,” a film that explores the many facets of a struggling life in a world that is full of unpredictable moments, is made possible through various institutions’ help including the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Unitel Productions, FILMEX, Optima Digital, Outpost Digital Frontier, Engine Room, city government of Marikina, Marikina Riverbanks, St. Francis Xavier Parish Church, Streetpark Productions, and Brass Knuckles. The cast is led by Von Arroyo and Arnold Reyes.

“Technophilia,” a Korean-Filipino-Iraqi film production, shows how technology can shape people’s lifestyles, affect their relationships, and make their interactions as mechanistic as their gadgets. It stars fresh Korean, Japanese, American, and Filipino talents. The film is shot in 16mm film with screening format in HD through the help of the Korean Film Council, Korean Academy of Film Arts, and Korea University during the filmmaker’s 6-month stay in Korea for the Asian Filmmakers Training Program 2008.

The event is also made possible by the Gateway Cineplex 10, NCCA, Colorwheel Media Studios, Outpost Digital Frontier, Innovasia, Korean Embassy, Marikina Cultural Affairs Office, Mamma Mia, Jingleman, IFC, NU 107, and the official music channel MTV Philippines.

You may visit,, and for more information about the films.


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